Welcome to the Hub Enterprise website! We run a group of community businesses with a unique twist:

  • We don’t make a profit on the services and products we provide to our customers
  • Our teams are made of a mixture of paid staff and volunteers who are learning new skills to help them return to long term employment
  • Many of our team members are in recovery from addiction or want to make recovery from addiction more visible in our communities




More about our social aims

There are thousands of people in this county affected by drug and alcohol addiction – whether directly, through friends and families or as victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.  Addiction costs everyone in society in terms of crime, health care and social support for individuals and families who have been impacted by the chaos which surrounds this illness.

The Hub is here to promote recovery: every year hundreds of addicts in Gloucestershire look for help and support to begin their recovery journey, but many more don’t even know that change is possible and have given up.  Our goal is to share recovery stories and to let the county know that hope, change and lifelong recovery can be achieved, is being achieved every day.

We are working to develop a network of active supporters who will organise events and activities to support the recovery community, to promote and advocate for recovery, educate the wider community about the potential that recovery holds, and to engage with the press, the police, other professionals and employers to help overcome prejudice and share accurate, honest and positive stories about addiction and recovery.

We hope you will get involved whether as a volunteer, a donor, or as a supporter at our future events.  There are no limitations on our ambitions for The Hub – we believe that there is nothing we cannot achieve with your support.  Please keep your eye on this site and our social media for news of our next events.